We Love Catering To You! 

This is FOOD FOR THE SOUL. From small intimate gatherings,family reuniouns or huge concert events. We serve fresh hot BBQ for your friends and love ones. The Aroma is FREE!

Grilling professionally for over 50 years Jeff Smith established the Rib House in 1978 where he served as owner and grill chef for 9 years. There he created his BBQ sauce and serves it with all his entrees til this day. Its unique taste has stood the test of time. We have yet to find a sauce to compare!

Wanting to introduce his BBQ to new customers and a broader audience, Jeff competed in a number of rib cook-offs and pioneered street vending throughout the 80's; using a portable tent, plywood floor, and his custom grill.  By The Slab Catering LLC., is still serving different locations and special events throughout Lorain County; Rockin On The River Concerts, The Corn Festival, and Elyria Apple Festival of 27 years being the longest.
Elyria, Ohio
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